Bonjour! Tu as passé une bonne semaine? 🤗 🌞

So, we are called Direct French, and you might wonder what is meant by « direct »?

Well, we are suggesting that you don’t necessarily need to rely on other languages you already know to learn a new one. Comparing languages is interesting for sure, but systematic translation(s) can be an obstacle.


If you study and practice in immersion, when you read, listen, write or speak, you think the and your words + sentences directly in French, instead of translating from/to another language.



All right. Now, you might wanna ask me : « But Alice, what if I am missing a word and feel stuck, and can’t finish what I am trying to say??!! » 😖😭


Let me make you feel better and more self accepting about it. This is totally normal and expected! The objective is not to use the exact words you would use in your mother tongue or a language you master.

Trust yourself (because you are wonderful and give your best) and finish your sentence 👏. If you stop, your conversation partner(s)/reader(s) won’t understand you. But if you keep going, you will be understood because your interlocutor(s) will have the global meaning of what you are saying. And it is absolutely ok to make mistakes, you need to make mistakes to progress! 


So 3 options : 

  • use another word in French. Use the French you already know, the French you have not the one you don’t have yet
  • give a 2,3 sentences definition in French of your unknown word 
  • terminate your sentence with a foreign word (non French).


The more you do so, the more the words you wanna say/write will come naturally to you, directly in French!



Of course, those are only intended to be humble recommendations cultivated over some miles of exploration on the teaching journey and by the priceless + infinite experience of committing to be a life-long learner. 🙏


And remember, I am here to guide you and support you during your learning adventure. 🌍 🌎 🌏


You are an amazing work in constant progress!

Avec beaucoup d’amour 💜,