Et bonjour, comment ça va? Tu m’as manqué! 😍


Do you remember that last time, we talked about how mistakes are a necessary and natural component of your progress process? 😉


Today, I want to give you another tool to learn and practice your French mindfully, meaning to be totally present and conscious during our time together. Another benefit is that you will become in charge of your learning.


So this tool, is self-correction. But in order to be aware of what you are saying/writing, of your systematic errors and where you will improve, you first need to listen to yourself and embody that privileged moment.


How do you develop self-correction skills when you speak/write? ✨🌟
You can use your and our notes from the class to identify and recognize the mistakes you usually make. That is why you are provided during and after each Direct French moment with individual recommendations and tips.



Then, on your own time, create your personal sentences and adjust them with the corrections and new vocabulary.


Try also to memorize and systematize the use of native expressions and structures.


Now you are ready to practice your writing and conversation again! 🌠
And when a new word or structure shows up, what do you do? What did we say last time? You finish your sentence! 💃


Picture it like you wanna drive somewhere 🚘. In order to get where you want to arrive and be, you have to keep the car running. You can take your time and drive at your own pace, but you can’t stop and park the car.


Same thing with your French : to keep your writing/speech flowing, don’t stop writing/talking and never translate a whole sentence, because you are the one making your sentence. Only translate words individually if need be. Once again, the objective is not to express yourself exactly as you would in your language or in languages you master. For now, you have to use the words and expressions you know, and soon you will have more vocabulary and structures. 



With so much gratitude for your constant and consistent presence, attention and work, 💜


“La connaissance des langues est la porte d’entrée de la sagesse.” – Roger Bacon


Ps – I want to give you some online dictionaries that can help to look up words individually :

Wordreference :

TV5 monde :

Larousse :

Le Robert :