Bonjour, comment ça va? 🤗

Now that you are present and conscious, let’s keep working on teaching you how to become more and more independent in your learning.




More specifically, I wanna talk about your practice of listening.

Listening activities with an immersive method can be like watching a movie 🎥 📺. You are doing it to have a relaxing and enjoyable time.
So don’t stop to translate each word and expression you are not familiar with. Instead, fully absorb the piece of art or entertainment you are watching, and you will understand the general meaning.
What you can do though, is write down or remember the words and expressions that are new, to look them up after. You will then comprehend more details.
And if you feel like to, watch again specific scenes with all your new definitions! You will at this point be able to analyze the content step by step.




Outside of the class, watching movies, TV shows, listening to the radio or podcasts will help you a lot too.
Video on Demand is a great source! You will find a wide selection on Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play or directly in your browser.
I personally love the movie Demain, and the show Au service de la France.


Now I am sure that you want to ask this question : « Alice, should I put subtitles? ». Of course! Do it in 3 steps, time after time.
Start with subtitles in your mother tongue, English or a language you already speak.
Next, select French subtitles.
And maybe,
no subtitles at allAlthough I sometimes keep using subtitles in English, to learn more vocabulary. 😉


Another tip is that when you listen to the news, the radio or a podcast, try to first listen to it in a language you understand/master. Then when you listen to the same content in French, you already have access to the global and detailed meaning.


If those recommendations make sense to you, make it a new habit! 
Listen to something in French 5 to 10 minutes a day or every other day. Add time gradually if it resonates with your schedule and self-care routine. Remember not to overdo it or for too long, not to quit that new habit. A little every day is usually more beneficial than for instance 2 hours once in a while.


I am excited to hear your thoughts about those tips, and to give you an individual and personalized list of suggestions and resources to pick your next French listening break! 🌌


“La joie de connaître une langue étrangère est inexprimable. Je trouve ça difficile d’exprimer autant de joie dans ma langue maternelle.” – Munia Khan