Bonjour, comment vas-tu?

Now that we talked about your listening practice, let’s take a look at your reading skills. We will definitely go back more thoroughly to the listening practice.


If you wanna read a book in French, you don’t have to go through the whole thing 😌. Select a chapter, a page or even just a paragraph to start. And remember what we said about your listening practice? Read, enjoy and absorb the content to make it yours, to feel the style, emotions and how it resonates inside you. Wait to look up words, resist the urge to understand everything; that’s not what you’re here for 😉.
Then read again your extract, and now underline the words and expressions you want to translate. Finally, go back to it a third time, to memorize the new vocabulary and phrases you researched. 
If it takes too long, you can do it in 2 steps : you will highlight the content you’re curious about during the first time, and appreciate your brand-new knowledge the second time.


Another helpful thing is to read the book or article in your language or a language you are familiar with, before you read it in French. 
To follow the news in French, online newspapers like or are a good way to start. We will share more resources during our time together 💫 💎. And same here, no need to understand everything. Use the context to infer meaning, like the sentences and information before and/or after the words or phrases you don’t know yet, or in the same paragraph. 


During the activity, just as you do for a listening one, first read the questions to filter the information and be aware of what content you EXACTLY need to focus your attention on. Then, when you go through the questions of the instructions, you can select the info you NEED and not feel overwhelmed. 


With all my love and gratitude for the time, effort and energy you put in your French learning/practice and share with me 🌈.


« Plus vous connaissez de langues, plus vous êtes humain. » – Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk