Bonjour, comment vas-tu?

Your French learning can for sure be incorporated in your self-care routine. By the way, do you have a self-care routine? Do you take at least 5 minutes per day to take care of yourself and remember how much you love yourself? Well, if it isn’t the case, let’s start with your French practice!
I guarantee that you can learn new words and expressions and speak/write in/read in/listen to French every day, naturally, (almost) without effort.

There are plenty of ways to practice your French and enjoy it, without feeling like you’re working : watch your favorite shows in French with French subtitles, or with either the dubbing or subtitles in your language, depending on what you’re more comfortable with.
Listen to your favorite songs in their French version if there is one. Look up the lyrics, feel them, write in your journal the emotions that come up, in French. If you don’t have a journal, start writing in French one word every day, and add up more words, then sentences, when you feel ready. You can for instance write 1 thing that made you the most happy that day, putting it into 1 word. When this feels easy, write 2, 3 words, sentences and paragraphs about the moments of your day when you felt calm, grounded, not rushed, you were going at your own rhythm, you were doing things meaningful for yourself and others, you helped others… You name it!
And why not read books, articles, comics… you’re crazy about, but in French this time.

When you go to a restaurant, bar, café… to treat yourself to a nice and nourishing meal and share with your loved ones, write down or remember the name of dishes and foods/beverages/drinks you want to say in French. Especially if they are Francophone specialties or related to Francophone cultures.

And anytime you learn a new idea, concept, fact or discover a piece of art, country… anything you are into, look up how to express it in French; how to name the colors of an astonishing sunrise or sunset or a painting, a yoga pose, how to express your feelings after watching a moving movie… pick what you feel connected to, related to and what makes the most sense FOR YOU 💎 .


The list can keep going, so if you have time and are inspired (which I have no doubt about), send your ideas, opinions and experiences back by email or using the form in our website

I am so excited to read how you do French in a fun and relaxing way outside of your classes,

With all my love and gratitude, for taking great care of yourself and others 🎇 📿 💟 .


“Vous vivez une nouvelle vie avec chaque langue que vous parlez. Si vous ne connaissez qu’une langue, vous ne vivez qu’une fois.” – Czech proverb