Bonjour, comment vas-tu?

So how is your French conversation going? How do you feel when you speak or try to speak French? Do you trust yourself, is that a smooth process or are you stuck?!


Well, I have great and relieving news! You can easily build confidence and a strong basis that will give you strength and peacefulness to speak 💥, by spending more time on the notes you are taking before an oral activity. 
The first thing to do is to keep it simple 🔅 on your draft : write only the verbs you are going to use and check that you chose the correct tense or mode and termination. Then put down your keywords, the most important words or phrases you are going to need, and anything that you might forget
Second golden rule : you only take notes and don’t write whole sentences because this is not a writing task! You are going to create your sentences spontaneously while you are speaking and conversing, in the moment 🌅. This will give you freedom and flexibility to interact with your interlocutor or audience, because you won’t try to just read your script. Exactly as if you were having a conversation with someone in everyday life, or speaking in public.
And of course, be present and conscious of what you say. Think about your words and structures before you speak, anticipate your mistakes, especially your systematic errors. Just in case, we are obviously not saying that you should not make mistakes, as we discussed before they are necessary to progress. But you DO need to be aware of the mistakes you tend to repeat, create your own list. Listen to yourself when you speak and self-correct the errors you hear yourself saying. Anticipation, awareness and self-correction are incredible tools that will provide you with independence and will bring you closer and closer to fluency in French!!! 🔥


What do you think? Any thoughts or suggestions about it? Do let me know, your feedback is my most precious tool for growth! 📿

Thank you so much, for showing up fearlessly and being willing to improve and expand with me.


“Apprendre une langue c’est avoir une fenêtre en plus par laquelle regarder le monde.” – Chinese saying