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Bonjour, ça fait longtemps! Comment vas-tu?

Let’s talk about how you can develop and gain autonomy in your learning process, by adding some self-learning to your French classes.
And why would you do that?

First because you will develop the reflex or new GREAT habit to self-correct your oral and written expression more and more. And that will bring you closer to being fluent in French.
Remember that to be able to self-correct your systematic errors, you need to be present and aware during your lesson, then to listen to yourself or double check your written work to hear or read a potential mistake. We say systematic error, because you are expected to make mistakes on the new content you are learning. After your class, use the notes from the teacher to detect and know what those repetitive mistakes are, and make your own list. Be moderate : choose the 2 to 5 most important, the ones that prevent you from being understood.

Another benefit you will enjoy is to know your limits and yourself better as a learner : how many times a week is it more efficient for you to practice, and for how long?
To discover your learning modalities, ask to yourself : Do I learn and retain by reading, writing, listening, using senses like the smell, sight, touch and taste, or by moving my body? It can for sure be several of those.
By respecting yourself and your own individual learning process, your French practice will become easier, more natural and delightful after each class and self-practice 💟 🔥.


On a side note, try out those websites with autocorrected activities and exercises
: and .

How do you feel about this? Are you going to give it a try? Why, why not?
I would love you to let me know by sending an email or reaching out on social media!

I am so happy to reconnect with you 💜,

Thank you so much for your constant, consistent and infinite energy, work and progress 🙏!

« La langue exerce un pouvoir secret, comme une lune sur les marées. » – Rita Mae Brown