Bonjour, quoi de beau! Comment vas-tu? 

Today I am gonna give you a few tips and recommendations to guide you in your French learning, and in your autonomous learning. 

If you struggle with memorizing the gender of words and adjectives, first off this is ABSOLUTELY normal and expected!!! 😂 Especially if your mother tongue or your second languages don’t use gender for nouns and adjectives.
Something easy you can do is to create your own flashcards. One side for the masculine, another for the feminine. Do 2 sets of cards, one for the nouns and the other for the adjectives. Then
read carefully 👀 : don’t just put words on your cards, write down SENTENCES using the noun or adjective you are memorizing. Your brain will retain so much better on a long-term basis if you put into sentences those new words and genders. 👄
And as usual please, be gentle on yourself. Don’t try to memorize 5 or 10 words at once if it is too much. Be realistic with your schedule and life circumstances and pick a number doable. 1 per lesson is more than enough if it is what you can do. 

Talking about how many words you should learn and remember, 10-ish per lesson (5-7 is a great ratio) is the amount you wanna keep in mind. And if it is overwhelming, simply focus on 1 word of the day, it will do it awesomely. If you have the time and energy, try to go up to 50 per day. I’d recommend that only if you don’t work or study, or if you are in an intensive language program of if you are on vacation.

Was it helpful? Why, why not? What other ideas or experiences do you have to share?

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I am so happy to connect with you 💜 today, 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for showing up consciously to your French learning experience 🙏!

 « Parlez une nouvelle langue pour que le monde soit un monde nouveau. » – Rumi, Persian poet