Bonjour, que me racontes-tu de beau?

Today I am gonna continue to guide you in your French learning, and in your independent learning.
So let’s talk about
pronunciation. I know, not the easiest thing when it comes to French! 🙀
Pay attention, because this is going to be your
MOTTO : « What do I NOT pronounce? » Yes, you heard it right. Indeed, you might have noticed already that at the end of the words in French (nouns, adjectives, verbs…), you see and want to say 1, 2 or 3 letters, like the final -e, -es, -ent, -ts, -t, -ds, d… But, those terminations are silent, meaning that you are not supposed to pronounce/say them. 
A great practice to do on your own is to read out loud and cross out the letters you don’t say. It will create new automatisms and will naturally stop you from pronouncing them. 😻

Along those lines, another helpful tip is to remember to pronounce the termination of feminine adjectives and nouns, but not the termination of masculine ones. This is how they are differentiated.

Different but important, how to get the letter « u » right? Tout un programme! 🙈 It is for sure hard to pronounce, especially if you don’t have it in your language(s). First say the French letter « i », then the « o », and finally « u ». Look at yourself in a mirror doing so, you will see your mouth coming out forward in a « o » or heart shape, just like if you were applying some lipstick or lip balm. And just in case, no, you are not being ridiculous😹 Working on pronunciation includes making faces and acting like a clown, I do it all the time, and it feels SO GOOD to have so much FUN!!! 

Was it helpful? Why, why not? What other ideas or experiences do you have to share?

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I am so happy to connect with you 💜 today, 

Thank you so much  for your willingness to learn more French with me, to trust me as your teacher and for accepting to grow out of your known zone, because you make me grow out of my known zone by doing so 🙏! Infinite gratitude! 

 « La langue est la clé qui ouvre le coeur des gens. » – Ahmed Deedat