Bonne année!

Et oui, 2022 was an exciting busy year, with a lot of travelling going on, for work, family and fun! And thanks to your commitment and willingness to collaborate with me, we were able to meet online from India, France and the USA! I am very grateful. 🙏
How was your 2022? I can’t wait to hear about it! So email me back in French or English, or both, to share your experiences. 💎


After the holiday season, when we always take care of others before us, let’s welcome together 2023, focusing on ourselves! Yes, I insist, time to love and cherish YOU🎉
And don’t lose time with resolutions and goals you will never get done, because it is too much pressure. Instead, only commit to start or refine activities and hobbies you are HAPPY to do, and stick to it! Which means that it has to fit into your life. This way, you will realistically practice it every week. Then, just show up! We will tailor together your practice’s schedule : which days/what time you will joyfully do it, how often and what gentle work to do on your own to become gradually, at your own personal path, independent in your learning. 

Alright, now what do YOU want to enjoy this year? Well I have delightful news!!! We are bien sûr still offering French « Me Time » breaks, but also English conversation and yoga!!! 🎊 Yoga can be in French or English, and we will also do some pranayama and meditation. Contact us directly for more information, replying to this email, on our website or on social media. 

If you have the time and energy, remember that a review is always helpful! Leave one here when you feel like to. 😉


Thank you so much for being part of our growth and transformation, this would not be possible without you!!! 

And if you know anybody who would benefit from our offerings, go ahead and forward that email to them!


 « On a deux vies. La deuxième commence quand on réalise qu’on n’en a qu’une. » – Confucius